Term 1 Week 4  2016

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Welcome to week 4.

Our year 6 students and Mr Anderson are off to Camp Raukawa tomorrow until Friday so we wish them a safe and enjoyable time.

Our trip last week was greatly enjoyed by our learners and has raised some interesting ideas for what they want to find out more about in their ocean study. Many thanks to the staff and those adults who accompanied us.

Enjoy your week,
Jacinta Cousins, Principal

Virtue of the Week

Diligence – Puku-Mahi
Diligence is  working hard and doing the best job you possibly can.
When you are diligent, you take special care to do things step by step.
You think and move carefully to make sure things will turn out right.
Being diligent is being industrious, giving all you have to give, to whatever you do.

We practice puku-mahi when we:

  • diligence-clipart-School_Clip_Art_150
    •  pay attention to what we are doing
    • do things carefully, step by step
    • practice to the point of excellence
    • give our absolute best to what we do
    • work hard
    • don’t give up

Reflection of the week


Prayer – the final of the three traditional practices of the Lenten season is perhaps the most challenging for us to sustain. Although prayer should be a daily feature of our lives, it is often trying to find the time to pray amid the hectic pace of our lives. The busyness of our lives also makes prayer tricky because even if we can find a few minutes to spend with our God, it is hard to quiet our spirits and stop our minds from racing and thinking about all that needs to be done. So how can we create moments of sacred time in a society that values efficiency and multi-tasking over being and stillness? Prayer needs to become a habit. We can begin by simply scheduling a few minutes every day at the same time, such as during morning coffee. As time goes on you may notice that the few moments get extended and on days that you cannot spend those few moments in prayer, you really miss that quiet time. Besides finding sacred time, we can also establish a sacred place. We need to make a corner of our home a place which when we enter we immediately associate with those cherished moments spent with God. If prayer becomes a daily part of our routine, we may find that the pace our life slows down, we are more at peace to handle all that life may throw at us and, most importantly, when we ask it will be given, when we seek we will find, and when we knock at God’s door, it will be open.

Appreciation Spot

286-thank_you_balloonThank you to all those adults who accompanied us on our trip to Island Bay last week. You all did a fabulous job.

Thank you for your attendance at our conferences last week. The teachers greatly appreciate the support you give to your child/ren’s learning.

School Notices

As part of being a good learner we are encouraging our students tomake sure they eat a good breakfast each morning. Parents we ask you to support this by ensuring they have enough time in the morning for breakfast.

Driving Into The School Grounds
Driving into the school grounds before and after school is not permitted. We expect and appreciate your cooperation with this.

Blokes Event – Flipperball Friday
Next Friday March 4  from 5-6pm at the school pool. Blokes vs Boys!

Spare Desks On Offer
We have several desks and some chairs to give away free of charge.Please let us know if you are interested.
Alternatively if you know of any organisation that could use theseplease let us know. We would like to get them off our hands as soon as possible.

Last Year large size jacket named “Ball”  Please check at home andif found return to school office.

Last Friday one shoe “Lady Jane” with  velcro  about size 13-1.   If you have found this please return to school office.
Many thanks.


Touch    Friday 26th February
OLOL Hurricanes v CSNS FastTouchers,  4pm,  12B
OLOL Hurricanes v  Linton Broncos,  4.30pm,  12B

OLOL Tigers v Parkland Blue,  4pm,  13A
OLOL Tigers v West End Bears,  4.30pm,  13B

OLOL Raiders v Takaro Kaha, 4pm,  1A
OLOL Raiders v West End Cheetahs, 4.30pm,  1B

OLOL Sharks v TKKMOM Kiwi,  5pm,  11B
OLOL Sharks  v Bye


Our AGM has been set for Monday, March 7 at 7pm in the school staffroom. All are most welcome to attend and we hope to see you all there.

Community Notices

Marist Junior Rugby
Registration Days for Junior Rugby will be taken at the Marist Clubrooms Pascal St on the following dates and time.
Sunday 13th March 1p.m. – 4p.m.
Wednesday 16th March 5p.m. – 7p.m.
Saturday 19th March 11a.m. – 3p.m.
$40 per player.   All New Players Welcome.
All enquiries please contact Mark on 0275538007

Shining Stars Pre School Music Group
Thursdays during term time  9.30a.m. at St James School Hall.
See poster outside Rm 5 for more information.

This Weeks Photos

Island Bay Marine Education Centre

Upcoming Dates

February 24-26 Year 6 Camp
March 3 9.30-12.30 Yr 1/2 Tabloids @ St Josephs
March 4 Swimming carnival
March 4  5.00-6.00 Blokes Event
March 7 7pm PTFA AGM
March 10 9.30-12.30 Yr 3/4  Tabloids @ OLOL
March 17 9.30-12.30 Yr 5/6 Tabloids @ St James
March 25 -29 Easter break
April 8 End of term

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