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Newsletter 2   March  2016

Welcome to our second Religious Education Newsletter for 2016

EASTER is the most important day of our Liturgical year.
We remember Jesus’ last moments with his friends, his journey to Calvary, and his saddening death. On Easter Sunday we celebrate his victory over death when he rose again!

  • This Sunday is Palm Sunday. This is the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.
  • Thursday is known as Holy Thursday and is the time we remember the Last Supper and the Washing of the Feet.
  • Friday is known as Good Friday because that is the day that Jesus died.
  • Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the dead.

“HE  is  Not  hErE  hE  has risEN!0871_jesus_resurrection_christian_clipart
Just  as  hE said.”
Matthew 28.6

You can help your child with their RE by;

  • Talking about sacrifice and giving things up for others.
  • Relate the easter eggs to a chicken hatching from an egg being a symbol of new life when Jesus came out from the tomb.
  • Taking your child to Mass over the Easter season.
  • Eat hot cross buns on Good Friday – The day Jesus died.


url?sa=i&rct=j&q=holy+week&source=images&cd=&docid=LF9oN8-zPxS1zM&tbnid=En0dm697mh47gM-&ved=0CAUQjRw& are having our Easter Commemoration on Holy Thursday, March 24, starting at 2:15pm. The children will be acting out the Stations of the Cross. All children will need to be dressed in clothing that looks like it was in Jesus’ time. This might include a dressing gown or tea towel on their head. (see photos above for ideas)   It would be great if the children could bring their costume in a named plastic bag before Thursday.

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