Term 1   Week 9  2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Our Year 6 students arrived back safely from camp and by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Our triathlon last night went well. Thank you to the staff and those of you who came along to support this fundraiser. Once all the sponsorship money comes in I will let you know the amount we raised. Money goes to Caritas, the Catholic Aid Agency.

Enjoy your week
Jacinta Cousins, Principal

Virtue of the Week

perseverance- U-tonu-tanga

Perseverance is being purposeful and steadfast.
It is sticking to something, staying committed, no matter how long it takes or what
obstacles appears to stop you. A good example is the story of the tortoise and the hare.
Even though the tortoise was slower than the hare, he won the race because he persevered – he didn’t let anything stop him or distract him.
He kept on going.

We practice u-tonu-tanga when we:

  • think before deciding to commit to someone or something
  • pace ourselves
  • set goals and stick with them until they are completed
  • take one step at a time, remaining steady
  • don’t let doubts or tests blow you off course
  • stand by your friends and loved ones

Reflection of the week

Jesus’ promise of eternal life is a central element of our Catholic faith. Even though Easter is still two weeks away, our Gospel today invites us to acknowledge Jesus’ power over death, evidenced in the raising of Lazarus, and to anticipate Jesus’ conquering of death once and for all in his death and Resurrection. We sometimes use examples from nature to help describe this mystery of our faith. Jesus himself talked about the seed that dies when planted in the ground in order to produce new life (John 12:24). Using that image and others, we find hope and confidence in Jesus, the Resurrection and the life.

Appreciation Spot


Thank you to Shirley Temple, Ross Doherty, Haydon Denby, Cheri Birch, Darren Birch and Mr Anderson who supported our Year 6 students on camp last week.

Thank you to Margaret Beckett for the wonderful job she has done sewing new prayer cloths for the school.

School Notices

Congratulations and all the best to our Year 5 & 6 students who are representing us at the Southern Cluster swimming sports this Friday.

Year Six Camp
Twenty year six children completed a camp at El Rancho last week. They challenged themselves participating in activities such as team initiatives, horse riding, kayaking, rifle shooting and rock wall climbing. Fun was also had with activities such as the waterslide, beach trek, dodgeball, indoor football, spotlight and a visit to Levin Adventure Park. The children were well behaved, supportive, hard working and positive, even when the adults were thumping them in dodgeball!! Their service was commended by Kimi Ora School and the staff at El Rancho. Thanks to the PFTA for subsidising the cost of the trip. A big thank you also to our parent helpers Darren and Cheri Birch, Hayden Denby, Ross Doherty and Shirley Temple who were encouraging and a lot of fun to have around the place!!        Michael Anderson

Holy Thursday Liturgy & Shared Meal
On Thursday April 13 starting at 1.30 pm, we invite you to join us for a commemoration of Jesus’ Last Supper.
This was the meal Jesus ate with his disciples before he was arrested and began his journey to his death on the cross at Calvary.
Your child needs  a simple costume for this day, something similar to the clothing worn in Jesus time. Ideas for this include a dressing gown, with a tea towel tied around the head or a loose gown and scarf.
On this day we ask that each family provide a plate of food on a disposable plate which again would be food similar to what would have been eaten in Jesus time e.g cheese, dried fruit and nuts, pita bread, fruit, cold meat etc.
As this is one of the most important times in our Church and school calendar, we sincerely  hope many of you will be able to join us for this event. It will be held in the hall.
Anyone willing to help set this up on the day please let us know.

Following the lunch you are invited into your child’s classroom to looking at the learning they have been involved in over the term.

For Sale 
2 gold polos Size 4 (one has a stain)  1 pr Size 4 winter shorts.   $30    Phone Victoria  0211837205.

Winter Uniform
Students go into winter uniform after the upcoming school holidays.   The school is holding limited stock of boys winter shorts, $30 (Sizes 8, 10, & 12) Gold Polos, $23 (Sizes 14, 12, 10 and 1x 6)  Jerseys $65 – larger sizes only.   Plenty of boys winter socks. $10 pr.   The Warehouse will have stock of our school uniform for other sizes including girls knee hi socks.  The tunics and  PE uniform and available from school.

Activity donation, IT and RE
$66.70 per year per child.     There are still a few outstanding.   As we are nearly at the end of the term it would be appreciated if you would give this your urgent attention.   A reminder to those who said they would pay by internet and have yet to do so.  To those who made a commitment to pay this off over the last 9 weeks thank you.


Time is running out for you to register your child to play netball in the year 1& 2 grade and Year 5/6 grades.
Forms are available from the office and need to be in by this Friday  March 31st . Subscription fees must be paid before the start of the competition.

The Year 3/4 competition starts  this Thursday at 3.45pm on Court 9 down at Vautier Park.
OLOL vs Russell St.
Children are to wear their correct PE uniform please, white socks and sports shoes.


Next meeting is to be held on April 6th at 7pm in the school staffroom.

See the flyer coming home tonight about an exciting social event the PTFA have organised for our community on Saturday, May 13.

Community Notices

YMCA    OSCAR  Holiday Programmes
Brochures available from  School foyer . Please feel free to take one.

This Weeks Photos

Senior Swimming Carnival

Junior Swimming Carnival

Upcoming Dates

April 13 Easter Liturgy/ End of term

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