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Newsletter 3      May  2017

The Holy Spirit -Te Wairua Tapu

Welcome to our third Religious Education newsletter for 2017

The Holy Spirit is one of the Trinity.
The Holy Spirit came to earth to unite us with Jesus in our daily lives.
Pentecost Sunday is on 4th June.
We call this the birthday of the Church because this was when the Holy Spirit was sent to reassure and encourage Jesus’ people to not be afraid to carry on and share His good news.

You could ask your child;
What do you know about the Holy Spirit working in you?
Do you know any of the titles or symbols of the Holy Spirit in the bible? (Flame,and wind, dove etc.)
When is a time that you have felt the Holy Spirit working in you to make a good choice or to use courage?
Can you show me the sign of the cross saying  the three parts of the Trinity? “In the name of  the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”(Some children may even be able to say it in a different language!)

You will receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witnesses to the ends of the earth. 
Acts 1:8.

You can help your child with their RE by;
Sharing Bible stories about the Holy Spirit
Walking in the wind and remembering how it is like the Holy Spirit. (You cannot see it but you can feel it and see the effects of it.)
Telling your child what you are doing to become more Christlike.
Talking about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and how you can use them at home and school. (Galatians 5:22-25)
Encouraging them to let the Holy Spirit work through them to make good choices and reach out to others.
Be sure to tell them when you notice the Holy Spirit working in them when they show love, patience, kindness.

Because we have celebrated Easter recently our liturgical colour is GOLD. 
You will see this joyful colour on our prayer tables and in the Church. 
It is a bright and happy time in our Church calendar. 


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