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Newsletter 4      June  2017

God – Te Atua Io Matua Kore

Welcome to our fourth Religious Education newsletter for 2017

Each class is working on the God Strand
God the Creator is holy and the source of all life, grace and holiness. People are created in the image and likeness of God and are called to believe in God, to adore God and share in God’s wonderful creation.

You could ask your child;
Why do you think we believe ‘God is Love’?
How are you being a guardian or caretaker of God’s creations?
What do you think are some of God’s best creations? (You could even go on a nature walk!)

LovE thE Lord your God with all your hEart, mind, soul and strEngth. 
Mark 12:30 

You can help your child with their RE by;
Telling your child how you are being a caretaker of God’s creation.
Sharing the creation story from the Bible and creation stories from other cultures.
Talk about the gifts God has given you and your family.

We are now back in Ordinary Time and the liturgical colour is green.
Green reminds us to live in the hope of Christ’s promise of eternal life. You will see this colour on our prayer tables in our classrooms. This is a time of growth and life. We grow in God’s grace, strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Like the apostles, we spread the good news of God’s love to all we meet!

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