Term 3   Week 8  2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Welcome to Maori Language Week.

On Wednesday at 10am our senior kapahaka group will be performing to the littlies from Cubby House to celebrate this.

Enjoy your week,
Jacinta Cousins, Principal

Virtue of the Week

Service – Mahi-pono mo katoa

Service is giving to others and wanting to make a difference in their lives.
Helping other people is one of the best ways to serve God.
Having an attitude of service means looking for ways to be of help rather than waiting to be asked.
The needs of others are as important to you as your own.
When you work with a spirit of service, you give any job your very best effort.
You make a real contribution.
People who want to be of service can change the world.

We practice mahi-pono mo katoa when we:

  • want to make a difference in the world
  • look for opportunities to be of service to others
  • think of thoughtful things to do to help our family and friends
  • work with enthusiasm
  • don’t wait to be asked when something needs doing
  • do our part to care for the earth: recycle, reduce and reuse

Reflection of the week

The readings this Sunday focus on forgiveness. Our forgiveness of others is motivated by the forgiveness we have received.

We experience the forgiveness of God in our own act of forgiving. In both readings, we are told that it makes no sense to expect forgiveness if we, ourselves, will not extend forgiveness to others.

Lord, sometimes we offend you by doing wrong and not loving as we should. You always forgive us whenever we turn back to you. We thank you for your wonderful love, for giving us the chance to begin all over again.

Make us generous in forgiving those who hurt us and ready to make friends with people whom we have not liked.

We ask you to do this through Jesus, your son, who lies and reigns with you for ever and ever.

Appreciation Spot


Thank you to Chris White for fixing our basketball hoops.

Thanks to Mr Anderson for organising and running the blokes event last Friday.

School Notices

A Date To Mark Down
The next Children’s Liturgy Mass is to be held on Sunday, October 29th at 10am. Following the mass there will be a shared morning tea.

Lucky Books
Reminder orders close this Thursday 14th September at 9a.m.

Last Monday 4th September   Larger jersey belonging to Jack(United), named.  Please check all bags and at home.  Many thanks.

Camp fundraising 2018
Chocolates coming home tomorrow for those who indicated they wanted to partake.

Blokes Defeat Boys in Blokes Event
The biggest dodgeball and Blokes Event ever in the history of Our Lady of Lourdes occurred last Friday. A lot of anticipation was in the air as the participants were jam packed in the hall like sardines waiting for the starting whistle. Battle cries roared out as the teams charged into battle!!! The boys went down like pins in a ten pin bowling alley as the blokes mercilessly strived for victory. Despite a gallant effort from the boys, it was the blokes who got to perform the victory dance. The boys have vowed to come back fitter and stronger next year!!! Thanks to all those who came and supported the event. It was a lot of fun!

Learning and Assessment Books (LAB)
These will be coming home next week for you to look at and discuss with your child.
Please return them by Monday of the last week of term.


Semi-finals this Thursday 14th September.
OLOL Storm vs TKKMOM Mako  4.15pm  B & M Ct 5.
Duty  3.45pm on same court.


Lunch on Line
Pita Pit on Fridays.

Community Notices

Activity Donations
A reminder that you can claim back 1/3rd of your activity donations from the Inland Revenue Department.  If you have not requested your receipt, these are available from the school office. You will need to fill in an IR526.  More information at:
(PS  I have a copy of these forms in the office to copy.You can go back to 2014 – 4 yrs maximum)

Holiday Football Programme
Boys and Girls Ages 5 – 12 years
Venue: Awatapu High School
Dates: October 9-12
Times: 9am-3pm
Cost $35 per day or $120 for 4 days
Book online at:

2017 Attendance Dues Reminder
• Attendance Dues statements have now been sent out requesting payment of the 4th and final instalment for this year, plus any arrears from the 1st three instalments and/or previous years, by 29th September 2017, unless a payment arrangement is already in place
•The instalment amounts are:
* $111.75 for each Primary student (Year 0 – 8) and
*$223.50 for each Secondary Student (Year 9 – 13).
• One off payments by credit card or debit card (Visa or MasterCard only) can be made using our website:
•Please contact Marcy, Susan or Mark on the Attendance Dues team if you are unable to make payment of the amount due or would like to set up a regular payment plan. Our contact phone number is:  0800 200 208 and our email:

This Weeks Photos

Blocks Event

Senior Art – painting colour wheels

Upcoming Dates

Sept 29 3pm End of Term 3
Oct 16  8.55am Term 4 begins
Oct 23 Labour Day
Oct 25  5.30pm BOT
Oct 29  10am Children’s Liturgy Mass
Nov 8  9am School photos
Dec 11 PTFA Quiz Night
Dec 13  7pm End of Year Mass/Graduation
Dec 14  12pm Final assembly
Feb 7 New school year begins

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