Term 1   Week 6  2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Our Year 6 students and Mr Anderson arrived back safely from camp and had a wonderful time by the sound of it. My thanks to Mr Anderson and the parents who enabled our students to enjoy this memorable experience.

Enjoy your week,

Jacinta Cousins, Principal

Virtue of the Week

Confidence – Maia

Confidence is having faith in something or someone.
It is a kind of trust.
When you have self confidence, you trust that you have what it takes to handle whatever happens.
You feel sure of yourself and enjoy trying new things.
When you are confident in others, you rely on them and confide in them.

We practice maia when we:

  • remember we are worthwhile whether we succeed or fail
  • are willing try new things
  • discover our talents
  • learn from our mistakes
  • are free of worry
  • think positively.

Reflection of the week

Don’t Miss a Moment Next Week

Courage. Honour. Integrity. Fear. Abandonment. Persecution. Victory.

 It all happens between Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday. One man, determined to change the world, stands with honour and integrity as others humiliate and insult him. He chooses non-violence while others beat and torture him. With his last breath, he forgives instead of curses.

 Walk with this man next week. On Thursday watch him kneel and wash feet. Think about how he has served you and where you can serve others in his name. On Friday watch him stand with dignity against the forces of violence and oppression. Think about his sacrifice and ask for his strength to stand peacefully but forcefully for all those who are crucified by rejection, poverty, or oppression in our schools, cities, and world. On Saturday listen to all the readings at Mass. They tell of God’s repeated attempts, since the beginning of time, to save us. Give your life anew to that God and ask how you can help save God’s world.

 Don’t miss this week. All you need to know about your life unfolds in the life of one man who decided two thousand years ago to change the world.

Appreciation Spot


Thank you to our camp parent helpers Maria Amey, Mark Gilberd, Grant Jensen, Nick Wilson John Worsley, Steve Guy and DJ Waiwai.

School Notices

The Year 6 children completed a fun and successful camp to El Rancho, Waikanae last week.
They completed activities including horse riding, kayaks, wilderness survival, go carts, rock wall climbing, archery soft, the waterslide, spotlight, dodgeball, volleyball, mini golf, confidence course and a beach walk.
Thanks to our parent helpers Maria Amey, Mark Gilberd, Grant Jensen, Nick Wilson John Worsley and special guests Steve Guy and DJ Waiwai.

Learning Assessment Books
Several students have not returned their LAB books from last year.
Please return them asap as they are due to go home after Easter.

School Relief Cleaner Needed
We are looking for a relief cleaner from May 3-11th between the hours of 2-5pm.
Please advise if interested in this paid position.

Anointing Mass
United will be attending the Anointing mass this Wednesday at 10am.

Holy Thursday Liturgy
On Holy Thursday, March 29, we invite whanau to join with us for our Holy Week Easter Liturgy to be held in the church starting at 2.15 pm.
Each class will be involved in portraying one of the Holy Week events.

Learning Expo
We invite parents and whanau to come along to see the “Spaced Out” inquiry learning that their child/ren have been involved in over the first term.
This will be held on Thursday, April 5 from 6-7pm in the classrooms.   

Fundamental Skills for Swimming
Our demonstration lessons have been cancelled due to the fact that the pool is now closed for the season.

Easter Tuesday
Please note that Easter Tuesday, April 3 is a school holiday.

Donation Receipts
If you require a receipt for your donation to the school for taxation purposes, please email or phone 3589727 for your copy.
Many thanks  Kath Rooney

A reminder to those who have obtained items from school and were to pay on the internet.  Your early attention to this would be appreciated.
This also includes uniform & stationery items unless prior arrangements made.

OLOL Parish First Sacraments Programme 2018
First Reconciliation tonight at 5.30pm in the church

Winter Uniform
Students can go into winter uniform after Easter weekend but all must be in correct winter uniform after term break.
The office has 1 x 14 gold polo ($20)  2 x 97cm Jerseys ($55) 1 pr winter shorts size 10 ($25) and socks $10 pr.  We do have some larger tunics available.  Inquire at office.
All sizes &  items available at  The Warehouse.


Netball – Y1/2 and Y5/6 Netball Registrations
8 week programme  a 4v4 modified game played at the CET Arena Tuesday afternoons starting May 8th from approx. 3.45-5pm. $25 per player.
6v6 format played at Vautier Park Saturday mornings.
Start with 2 grading weeks played at CET arena May 5th and May 19th. $55 per player.
If your child is interested in playing please collect a registration form from the office.Registrations and payment due at the end of the term for both teams.
Please Note
An information night which is open to all parents is to be held TONIGHT March 20 at 5.30pm at Vautier Park.
A coach workshop for all levels is to be held Thursday March 22 at 5.30pm at Vautier Park.


Next Meeting: Tonight March 20 at 7pm in the staffroom.

Online Lunch Ordering – 
Mondays – Subway
Orders can be made and/or cancelled up to 9am on the day of delivery (Monday).

Fridays – Pita Pit
Orders can be made and/or cancelled up to 8:30am on the day of delivery (Friday).

Community Notices

Diocese of PN  Attendance Dues:
For assistance with payment options or to set up regular deductions contact Marcy, Susan or Mark at Diocesan Office 0800200208 or email

Be-Bop Before and After School Care Programme

here at Our Lady of Lourdes School.
For bookings and enquiries contact Marama on :   021 993 441        email:
The programme will be running on the Tuesday after Easter even though the school is closed for instruction that day.

Campbell Street Kindergarten: 
Have enrolment spaces available.
Centrally located, offering a curriculum that not only supports children’s learning in areas of strength but also challenges them to think, solve problems and develop strong and effective relationships with others.
Philosophy emphasises the development of love of learning, kindness to others, responsibility for environment and value and support families.   

Phone 3564078 or email

Living   Learning   Loving

Year 6 Camp at El Rancho

Upcoming Dates

March 25

Palm Sunday

March 28



March 29

Holy Thursday Liturgy

March 30

Good Friday

April 2-3

Easter break

April 4

school returns

April 5


Learning Expo

April 13

End of Term

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