Term 1   Week 7  2018

Dear Parents/Caregivers
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Welcome to Holy week, the most important week of our Church’s liturgical year. We look forward to sharing the Easter story with you this Thursday afternoon starting at 2.15pm.

I wish you all a safe and joyful Easter break.

See you back at school for the last one and a half weeks of the term on Wednesday, April 4th.

Enjoy your week,

Jacinta Cousins, Principal

Virtue of the Week

Perseverance – U-tonu-tanga

Perseverance is being purposeful and steadfast.
It is sticking to something, staying committed, no matter how long it takes or what obstacles appears to stop you.
A good example is the story of the tortoise and the hare.
Even though the tortoise was slower than the hare, he won the race because he persevered – he didn’t let anything stop him or distract him.
He kept on going.

We practice u-tonu-tanga when we:

  • think before deciding to commit to someone or something
  • pace ourselves
  • set goals and stick with them until they are completed
  • take one step at a time, remaining steady
  • don’t let doubts or tests blow you off course
  • stand by your friends and loved ones

Reflection of the week

Don’t Miss a Moment Next Week

Lent has been the build up and preparation to Easter, the most important day of our Liturgical year! 

Through Holy Week , which is this week, we focus on and remember Jesus’ last moments with his friends, his journey to Calvary, and his death. On Easter Sunday we celebrate his victory over death when he rose again! 

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday. This is the day we remember when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowd was singing HOSANNA and placed palms and cloaks down before him.

Thursday is known as Holy Thursday and is the time we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples and the Washing of the Feet.

Friday is known as Good Friday because that is the day that Jesus died.

Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the dead!

Appreciation Spot

School Notices

Liturgy This Thursday
Please join us as each class tells the story of Jesus’ last week on earth.
This will be held in the church starting at 2.15pm.
Students and teachers will be dressed in simple costumes of this time as per the separate notice about suggestions that went home last week.

Learning Assessment Books
Several students have not returned their LAB books from last year.
Please return them asap so teachers can start putting this year’s assessment in them ready for conferences next term.

School Relief Cleaner Needed
We are looking for a relief cleaner from May 3-11th between the hours of 2-5pm.
Please advise if interested in this paid position.

Learning Expo
We invite parents and whanau to come along to see the “Spaced Out” inquiry learning that their child/ren have been involved in over the first term.
This will be held on Thursday, April 5 from 6-7pm in the classrooms.   

Easter Tuesday
Please note that Easter Tuesday, April 3 is a school holiday.

Newsletter Sponsorship
If you would like or know of someone who would like to sponsor our newsletter  please be in touch. Each space costs $150. Sponsorship covers the cost of our newsletters so we are very grateful to all our sponsors.

School hats will be coming home this Wednesday to be washed and stored away until term 4.

Lost Property
Please come and check the lost property box before the end of the term.
This is located just outside the staffroom. Unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of the term.

There are a brand new pair of size 2 black roman sandals in there!

Missing Tunic
Please check at home that you have not got an extra tunic by mistake (to fit an 8 year old).
One went missing a few weeks ago!

Outstanding money:
A reminder to those who have obtained items from school and were to pay on the internet or at a later date.
Your early attention to this would be appreciated.  This includes uniform & stationery items unless prior arrangements made.
Accounts are being made up at the present time.

Winter Uniform
Students can go into winter uniform after Easter weekend but all must be in correct winter uniform after term break.
The office has 1 x 14 gold polo ($20)  2 x 97cm Jerseys ($55) 1 pr winter shorts size 10 ($25) and socks $10 pr.
We do have some larger tunics available.  Inquire at office.
All sizes &  items available at  The Warehouse.


Netball – Y1/2 and Y5/6 Netball Registrations
8 week programme  a 4v4 modified game played at the CET Arena Tuesday afternoons starting May 8th from approx. 3.45-5pm. $25 per player.
6v6 format played at Vautier Park Saturday mornings.
Start with 2 grading weeks played at CET arena May 5th and May 19th. $55 per player.
If your child is interested in playing please collect a registration form from the office.Registrations and payment due at the end of the term for both teams.


Online Lunch Ordering – 
Mondays – Subway
Orders can be made and/or cancelled up to 9am on the day of delivery (Monday).

Fridays – Pita Pit
Orders can be made and/or cancelled up to 8:30am on the day of delivery (Friday).

Community Notices

Diocese of PN  Attendance Dues:
For assistance with payment options or to set up regular deductions contact Marcy, Susan or Mark at Diocesan Office 0800200208 or email

Be-Bop Before and After School Care Programme

here at Our Lady of Lourdes School.
For bookings and enquiries contact Marama on :   021 993 441        email:
The programme will be running on the Tuesday after Easter even though the school is closed for instruction that day.

Living   Learning   Loving

A Jesus meal in the Nest

Upcoming Dates

March 28



March 29


Holy Thursday Liturgy

March 30

Good Friday

April 2-3

Easter break

April 4

school returns

April 5


Learning Expo

April 13

End of Term

April 30


Term 2 begins

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