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Newsletter 6      October 2018

Communion of Saints

Te Kotahitanga o te Hunga Tapu

Welcome to our sixth Religious Education newsletter

Each class is now beginning the Communion of Saints Strand.

The Communion of Saints is the belief of the Church that all of its members are joined in one great unity (in Christ) of belief and worship of God. This includes those now living and those who have died.

You could ask your child;

  • Do you know the names of any saints and why they are special?
  • What makes saints such great role models?

The Gospel of Saint Matthew encourages us to be more like Jesus.
“If you are good, you will be like a candle that shines brightly for everyone to see. And if they see that you are good then they will know that God is good.”

You can help your child with their RE by;

  • Finding a saint they can relate to.
  • Explaining that we can be saints too.
  • Praying together for others

Did you know…
That on November 1st it is the feast day of All the Saints. The word saint means to be holy. All of God’s people are called to be saints. There are some special saints that the Church canonize to acknowledge them formally. You may have heard of saints like.. St Joan of Arc, St Vincent de Paul, St Teresa or St Francis of Assisi.

You are welcome to join us at Mass on All Saints Day (Thursday 1st November) at 10am in OLOL church.

On November 2nd it is the feast of All Souls. This is when Catholics especially remember all those who have died.

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