Term 3  Week 3  2019

Dear Parents/Caregivers/Whanau
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou

Tena Koutou Whanau…welcome to Week 3.  We welcome to Monty, Olivia and Petra to our kura. Kia Ora to your whanau and friends. We wish you many happy school days here.

School Notices

Whanau House Names
Thank you everyone for supporting our quest to find new Whanau House Names.

Whanau 1 – POMPALLIER (The first Catholic Bishop of New Zealand)

Whanau 2 – McAULEY (The founder of the Mercy Sisters)

Whanau 3 – ONGLEY  (One of the first Mercy Sisters here in Palmerston North)

Whanau 4 – MARCELLIN  (Founder of the Marist Priests)

Whanau 5 – ST VINCENT (de PAUL) Linked to our SERVICE and COMPASSION Mercy Values

Whanau 6 – ST FRANCIS( OF ASSISI ) Linked with our Mercy Values on STEWARDSHIP

Home/School Challenge
Your child will be bringing home this week’s Challenge. This is being trialled until the end of the year. We want your child to develop the habit of doing a little something each day – either for their own learning or developing those Mercy values in showing Service and practising those Social Justice voices.

Maths Challenge Week 6  – TIMESTABLE A THON
In Week 6, we will be holding a Maths Challenge for all tamariki. This will be centred on our focus of raising Basic Facts knowledge in our school. Today we will be sending this home for you to look at. More information will be coming to you next week. All raised funds will be going on developing our school courtyard!

Knitting Club
Knitting club is on again this Wednesday at lunchtime in Room 4 (after eating). It was wonderful to see so many happy knitters. We look forward to seeing what you create.

Attendance – Every Day Counts
We have noticed a number of children arriving late for school or having regular absences. We know life can be very busy however it is critical that your child is at school EVERYDAY for their learning progress and social development. Please read the information below in regards to your responsibility. We also ask that you ring the office or use the School App to let us know if your child is not coming to school. We will be following our school procedures and contacting parents of those tamariki we have concerns for.  Thank you in advance for your support.

From the Ministry: Every day counts towards your child’s learning
Regularly attending school really matters, right from the first days at primary school to the end of secondary school. Children and young people need every opportunity to learn and participate in school.
Attending school is key to setting our young people up for life, as well as being required by law. If your child is under 16 years old, they must go to school every day, unless they are sick. If a child or young person stops attending school regularly, it becomes harder for them to stay connected to school friends and teachers, and harder to catch up with work they have missed.

Does my child have to go to school every day?

Yes, your child must go to school every day. Under the Education Act 1989, parents and carers of school children up to 16 years old can be prosecuted if their child is away from school without a good reason.

Why do they need to go every day?
Going to school every day really is the key to getting the best out of school because:
*it sets up good habits for going to school right from day one
*learning to read, write and do maths takes a lot of practice and is easier to                   master if your child goes to school regularly
*each day is a chance to learn something new
*school offers your child regular, dedicated help to master the many skills they            need
*it teaches your child life skills like commitment, being reliable, having a good             work ethic and sticking with things when they get hard.

What if my child needs to be away from school?
Your child should go to school every day. But sometimes they might need to be away from school because they are too sick to attend, have an appointment or need to be at a tangi or funeral. If your child is going to be away from school you should let the school know as soon as possible. Your child’s safety and wellbeing is a priority for the school.

From The Classrooms

The Nest
Mrs Davis has been working in the room over the last two weeks, and we thank her for her wonderful work. Next week, Mrs O’Connor will be returning.
Our Letter this week is ‘S’, Counting to 10 and in 2s and 5s. Wonderful learning happening here!

We are working hard on our Maths work and number facts. We can even add big numbers and COUNT ON from the biggest number. We are so proud of our Maths progress.

The Believers
This week we are learning about God’s CREATION. We are also skip counting in 10s to solve large addition facts.  We are talking about the MERCY VALUES of Respect and Compassion.

We are looking at the Trinity and when John Baptised Jesus. In Writing we are developing our knowledge about Information Reports. This is linked to locating information in our texts.

United 1 and 2
We are happy to be back upstairs and working on developing new routines as we transition into our HOME ROOMS. There will be ongoing reflection on how this is working. While your child may be in their HOME ROOMS to begin and end the day, they will be ability grouped during the core curricula areas. Thank you for your support.


Netball  -Saturday 10th August
OLOL Champions v Carncot @ 9.45 on Court 5
OLOL Magic V Takaro @10.30 on Court 2

Touch Rugby
All forms are due to Mrs Moor by Monday August 12th



Our big fundraiser for the year is happening this Saturday. Thank you to Kath Rooney, our PTFA and school whanau  for their incredible work so far. You can still help by:

– Helping on the day – many hands make light work.
– Feeding the workers – FOOD can be dropped off on Friday or Saturday  morning

Community Notices

St Peter’s College Open night
August 8th at 6p.m.   for  years  7 – 13.  All welcome.

Term 3 Dates 

The focus for this term is on learning… and we will attempt to keep our calendar free of interruptions so that your child can maximise their learning in all curricula areas.

Week 3: Aug 5-9   Charism Mission and Vision
W Board Meeting @ 6pm
Sat Our school’s Fertilizer Drive @ 8am. We look forward to your support on this             day.

Week 4: Aug 12-16 – KINDNESS
W,Th,F WildLife Park visit for 2 classrooms each day
Th Feast of the Assumption

Week 5:Aug 19-23 – RESPECT
W Maths with Dinah
     Ripper Rugby/Netball @ St   Josephs
Sun Fathers Day

Week 6: Aug 26-30 – SERVICE

Week 7 Sept 2-6 – SOCIAL JUSTICE
Maori Language Week

Week 8 Sept 9-13 – SOCIAL JUSTICE

T OLOL has Talent auditions
Th School Photos
      Champions League Soccer
F OLOL has Talent

Week 10 Sept 23-27 – HOSPITALITY

Thank you for all of your support

Blessings from us all

Caroline and the team

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