Novel coronavirus and wellbeing – A Message from the Ministry of Education

There are no confirmed cases in New Zealand currently. Therefore the messaging from the Ministry of Health about being alert continues to be important. You can support this by encouraging and reinforcing with children/students and families the principles of hygiene and cough etiquette (regularly wash hands with soap, covering mouth and nose when sneezing, staying home if you are sick).

However, it is ultimately the choice of parents and students as to how they protect themselves:

  • Alongside teaching hygiene practices we also need to be respectful of other cultures and knowledge of keeping others safe from disease
  • Children and student well-being is important and includes ensuring that all children and students have a safe physical and emotional environment at their service or school.

Some ways you can continue to support your community include:

  • Provide basic information about the coronavirus to your community and reinforce that this is not yet present in New Zealand note that the Ministry of Health is taking this evolving situation seriously and is working closely with other Government agencies, DHBs and emergency management teams throughout New Zealand, and with Australia
  • Follow up with parents of children and students that may be absent to check in about their health and welfare
  • Let parents know that they can ring Healthline (for free) on 0800 611 116 at any time.

Reinforce your whānau or school values

  • State what they are and that these values support the way we talk about, care for and support others. 
  • Support understanding of different lives, different perspectives, and different cultures.

Please read the information being provided from the Ministry of Health which is being updated regularly. They are the best source of information about New Zealand’s response to the virus and how to best manage any potential risk.

We will also continue to maintain the information on our website and should anything change, will update you as soon as possible by Special Bulletin (emailed to you) or through communications from our regional teams.

Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 

If you need further support, please do contact your local Ministry of Education office.

Contact details for Ministry of Education offices  – Last reviewed: 05 February 2020

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