The 2020 School Year Begins

Welcome to our new pupils and their families.
We welcome Oscar, Rubi, Skylar, Justo, Dhiya, Isabela, Jewel, Quinn, Angelina, Alaina, Caitlin, Aron and Nirai.

Congratulations to our Whanau Group Leaders and their deputies.
1. Pompallier:  Cooper & Fleur
2. McAuley: Tala & Corbin
3. Ongley: Tyler & C.J.
4. Bernadette: Sita & Sammy
5. Vincent: Brianna & Naretta
6. Francis: Jarrod & Lio

Our new Mercy Cross
Designed by Petra’s grandfather, Owen and Uncle Douglas. Thank you to their company ‘Awesome Art’ for this special taonga/treasure.


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