Term 1  Week 7  2020

KIA ORA WHANAU, kei tau rangimārie ki ā koutou – peace be with you all

We begin with an update from the Ministry of Education…

The Ministry of Education wanted to provide further guidance to support your response to COVID-19. The situation is rapidly evolving. It is important to note we continue to have no confirmed cases in schools or early learning services.  

The most likely scenario is if a student or staff member is confirmed with COVID-19, the Ministry of Health  may require a school to close for a day or two, to undertake tracking and tracing of close contacts. A reminder that a close contact is generally described as someone who was in near proximity (1.5 metres) of a person confirmed with the virus for 15 or more minutes. For those with compromised immunity that is 2 metres.  The Ministry of Education is talking with all schools to work through the support that may be needed.

Camps, assemblies and other events

You will know that health and safety is paramount when providing opportunities for positive experiences for your children and young people. Continue to look for ways in:


  • encouraging good hygiene at all times – hand washing, coughing etiquette etc
  • reducing the number of assemblies
  • thinking about current practices – handshakes, hongi etc –  as noted by the Prime Minister we need to stop these practices


For our school, our Pandemic Plan is ready to be implemented if needed. In the meantime we will continue to focus on good hygiene practices. Hand washing and good cough etiquette are very important tools in preventing the spread of illness including colds, flu and COVID-19. With that, there is a good video clip from Nanogirl that will help your children to better understand the virus – YouTube clip – Nanogirl

One other action we can all take is to be vigilant about our own health and the health of our children. I will be encouraging my staff to stay away from school if they are showing signs of illness such as coughs and colds. I ask that you please do the same with your children. Colds and flus are common in schools and by staying away, seeking medical attention and practicing good hygiene, we can all keep any spread of illness to a minimum.

To this end – we are postponing the visit to Te Rangimarie Marae visit this Friday until a later date. We want to keep our children and our families as safe as we can. We will be carefully planning activities in and around the school over the next few weeks.

Religious Education

Children’s Reflection: 
The readings centre on one thing – WATER. Water is used several times in the Bible, it is important to our earth, to our health, to the foods we eat, and very important for the human person for life. We need water to stay alive. Remember the ashes? The water from the rock gave life to the people in the dessert. They begged God for water – for life. We are told again that we belong to God. We need water for life and God provides the water of life. We need God. Jesus invites us to have water that brings us to a deeper life with God. The life-giving water Jesus wants to give us is the “Living Water!” Jesus describes this water as a bubbling fountain. A fountain of water that is constantly moving, it has life. As babies many of us received the waters of Baptism and Jesus received Baptism as an adult. The awesome power in the waters of our Baptism is the Life-Giving Spirit of God. The Spirit of God guides us along the path to be refreshed by the life-giving waters that leads us home to God.

Mercy Service Awards

Discoverers 1 – To Zaraia who showed her Mercy value of Respect during our Marae visit.
Discoverers 2 To Rubi who used her Mercy value of Service when she helped others make their musical instruments.
Believers  -To Anna-Belle and Refaela for both settling well into Believers and showing the Mercy value of Respect towards everyone in the classroom.
Aroha – To Blake for showing his Mercy values at the visit to Te Rangimarie Marae. He showed Respect and Excellence when thanking Pa Wiremu for our day there.
Mahi Tahi To Cameron for exemplifying the Mercy values at the Year 3/4 tabloid sports.
Chiefs/Rangatira – To Julius who demonstrated the Mercy value of  Service when helping prepare the lunch on the final day at El Rancho.

School Notices

Please do not enter or leave using the  driveway.

Please use the school gate to enter and leave the school.
We need to keep all of our school community safe and we all need to work together for this.

Scholastic Book Club
Orders will close on Friday. Please place all orders before March 19th.

From The Teachers/Kaiako

Room 1/2: Discoverers – Mrs O’Connor, Ms Brown, Mrs Cheetham, Miss Jemma
Wow! We have had a fantastic week creating musical instruments and making music during Discovery Time.  This week we are continuing to explore. Last week we formed a dancing and singing band. This week it might be an Orchestra!  We are also focusing on Lent and what Jesus was like when he lived here on this earth.

Room 3: The Believers – Whakapono – Mrs Pedley
Thank you to the Whānau who supported us last Friday at Te Rangimarie Marae.  It was a pleasure to see everyone feel at peace when spending the day there. Our workshops were all very interactive and lots of learning went on.  Believers will continue on their journey and will be completing lots of follow up work. Also look out for your gift from your child this week e.g. something made out of Harakeke (flax).

Room 6: Aroha – Miss Penman
It’s been a busy week for Aroha! With Life Ed on Tuesday, we discussed friendships and our behaviour towards our friends. The Year 5’s had an awesome time at tabloids on Thursday and then the whole class went to Te Rangimarie Marae. Thank you to the parents who came along, it was great to share the experience with whanau. This week we will be recounting our experiences from the marae and publishing some writing from the term onto Seesaw.

Room 7: Mahi Tahi – Mrs Moor
The Year 5’s had a great time at tabloids and enjoyed connecting with students from the other Catholic schools around our region. We are writing recounts about the swimming sports focusing on show don’t tell, we are looking forward to publishing our good copies and then sharing these with you on seesaw. On Friday we completed a STEAM activity which involved utilising a number of science, design and technology skills to achieve the given objective. The tamariki find these challenging but they are developing problem solving skills which is great to see.

Room 8: Chiefs/Rangatira – Mr Anderson
The Year 6 children were fantastic at El Rancho, showing their Mercy values in all that they did. This was commented on by the instructors at El Rancho who said what a superb group they were!! Activities completed included raft building, wilderness survival, go karts, horse riding, archery soft, air rifles, a bonfire, a walk to Waikanae Beach and of course, spotlight!!
A special thanks to the parents, Steve Guy, Mark Gilberd, Rob Torok and Maria Amey who went above and beyond!


Thank you to those who were able to attend our meeting last night. We wish to take this opportunity to thank Jen Illston and Alicia White for their dedicated service to our school.

Year 5 Tabloids

Term 1 Calendar 

Week 7: Mar 16-20
W 18-  Board of Trustees Meeting

Week 8: Mar 23-27
W 25-   Buddy Mass #3 (Rms  1/7)
Fr 27-  Assembly #3 (Rms 1/7)

Week 9: Mar 30- Apr 3
M 30-  Diocesan Centre Office staff day
T 31-    Diocesan Centre Support Staff day 
Athletics postponed to Term 4

Week 10: Apr 6-9 – HOLY WEEK 
M 6-    Mass of the Oils – Cathedral @6pm
Th 9-   HOLY THURSDAY – Stations of the Cross

Term one ends – Blessings and thank you everyone.


Ngā wakapainga (Blessings), Our Lady of Lourdes staff and whānau


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