Term 3  Week 4  2020

Kia ora

We  welcome Declan and Amelia to our school. We wish you and your family many happy school days .

Religious Education

Feast of The Assumption –  August 15 

If Mary our Mother is to inspire us anew today, it might be helpful for us to meditate on her experiences and qualities. Her powerful ‘yes’ to God when the Angel Gabriel visits her, the excitement and joy of her visit to Elizabeth, the glorious words of the Magnificat. Then the profound horror and the depths of her sorrow at the death of her son. 

An inspiration for today: Nomita in Bangladesh raised her two children alone after the death of her husband in a storm ten years ago. Instead of a marble statue, I see a vibrant woman with a deep and trusting faith who is willing to say yes to what God asks of her. She is not a passive recipient, but an active participant. She does not simply bow her head and do what she is told, she has the strength and courage to act.  

May we too be active participants in bringing about the change that so many of the poorest people in our world are hoping for.

May we too have the courage to speak out about injustice and inequality.

May we nurture a deep and trusting faith in God and in his Son, so that we too might say yes when we are asked.     

Let us pray ‘Hail Mary…’

The school will be attending mass this Friday at 10am to spend time reflecting on the role of Mary in our lives.  A mass for the Feast of the Assumption will be Saturday at 10am.




School Notices

School Conferences
August 19/20th 
This term we are going digital in booking 15 minute teacher interviews.
Please go to and enter the event code: w7pyq. 
You will be asked to enter your name, your child’s name and class and then select a suitable time. 

Please note: school will close earlier on Wednesday 19th @ 12.30pmplease make the necessary arrangements for your child. Please see the office if you need any help with this.

Mercy Awards

Discoverers One:
Tevaka or showing our Mercy value of Service by following instructions and always helping to tidy up the classroom.

Discoverers Two:
Jewel for showing our Mercy value of Respect at all times both in the classroom and the playground.

Patience for showing excellence in her writing and reading.  Well done for showing your Mercy value in your learning.
Cody always shows the Mercy value of Respect in the classroom.  He does this by listening to his learning buddies ideas and waits his turn to speak.

Chloe for showing the Mercy value of Service. She is always willing and enthusiastic helping out as a librarian at her break times and during class visits.
Addie for showing our Mercy Value of Excellence in her learning. She shows determination and perseverance when learning new maths strategies.

Mahi Tahi:
Sothut for showing our Mercy value of excellence when working hard in his written language. Tino pai fabulous you!
Sana  for showing our Mercy value of excellence when working hard in her written language. Rawe, Sana – you are fabulous.

Antoniah for always demonstrating the Mercy Value of Service in her different roles.
Clare for showing, without fail, the Mercy Value of Respect towards adults and her peers.

We are so proud of our children

What has been happening in our school…

To our school football team for their magnificent 9 – 0 win against St. Josephs in the first round of the Champions League. Well done Cooper on your hat trick. Thanks to all our whanau who came out and supported us in the big match. Photos

From the Classrooms

Discoverers – Ms Brown & Mrs O’Connor,  Ruma 1 & Ruma 2
Our Construction project work during Discovery Time is going so well we are continuing it this week!  We have made picture frames, boats, lava lavas, houses and even a police station!  We are also learning about showing confidence, trying our best and giving things a go through the school wide resilience programme.  This will help our learners to be more independent and to take risks in their learning.

Believers – Mrs Pedley, Ruma 3 
We have been enjoying developing our fine motor skills with Coach Karen each Monday and Thursday afternoon.  We have been focusing on hand and eye coordination.  I will keep loading short videos onto seesaw.  We have enjoyed writing our new traditional tales and putting our own twist into the story line.   We will be publishing these stories  and will share with Whānau.  Well done Whānau, for the support in home reading with your child, either reading to or with your child will support them in their progress with Reading. 
We like to say in class “Practice makes progress!”

Aroha – Miss Penman, Ruma 6
We have been looking at fairytales and writing our own “twisted” versions of the 3 Little Pigs, wowza there are some creative ideas in this class! They are looking forward to sharing them with you at our conferences in Week 5.
In Maths we have started multiplication and division – it would really make a difference if you helped them practise their times tables at home as well! 10 minutes a day can really help them solidify their learning.

Mahi Tahi – Mrs Moor, Ruma 7  
We have been writing personal narratives in class. Here are a few of our cracker sentences.
‘One dark night the stars were shining, we were waiting in a line of people.’ Fuataina
‘Butterflies were going wild in my stomach and goosebumps were all over my body.’ Kellan
‘Shaking, my legs were noodles and my heart was racing.’ Mikaela
‘I froze like ice for 30 seconds or more.’ Samuel
‘I jumped on the horse like a kangaroo, but I was still terrified.’ Ollie

Chiefs – Mr Anderson, Ruma 8 
We are enjoying learning strategies from Program Achieve You Can Do it Education such as goal setting, being an effective time manager, self motivation for completing tasks and teamwork/support. We are about to move from multiplication and division to learn about geometry for maths. Some learners are still not confident with their times tables and it would assist them greatly with their learning if they could have mastery of these.


Please note change of venue for netball until end of season.
These games will now be played at St Peters College

Draw for August 15th:
OLOL Champions v Aokautere.  St Peters Court 1 @8.30am
OLOL Magic v CNS Flyers.   St Peters Court 3 @ 11.30am

Practice -New time: every Monday 3.30 – 4.15pm at the Highbury Whanau Centre.
Draw for 13th August:
OLOL Storm v Russell St Magic, 4.15pm Court 2.

Results for 30th July:
OLOL Storm won 4 – 0 Hokowhitu Magic. Congratulations to Player of the Day, Emily – Great dribbling!!! We are so proud of you all.

Term 3 Dates

Week 5 – Aug 17-21
Thur 20 –  Year 5 – 6  Rippa/Netball tournament at OLOL.

Week 6 – Aug 24-28
Tue 25 –  Year 5 – 6 Year 5 – 6 Capital Football Tournament.

Week 7 – Aug 31-Sep 4
Fri 4 – Teacher Only Day – school closed.

Week 9 -Sept 14-18
Tue 15 – Champions League Football OLOL vs St. James

Term Dates for 2020
Term 3: Monday 20th July – Friday 25th September

Term 4: Monday 12th October – 15 December (school closes 12.30pm)


Term 1: Wednesday 3rd February  – Friday 16th April

Ngā wakapainga (Blessings), Our Lady of Lourdes staff and whānau


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