Term 3  Week 10  2020

Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa, Bula vinaka, Namaste

Welcome To Alert Level One – we did it again New Zealand – let’s keep everyone healthy and safe.

Important things you need to know about Alert Level 1 from the Ministry of Education

1.Schools are open and must operate safely. At Alert Level 1 the virus is contained in New Zealand but not overseas. We need to have systems and practices in place in case COVID-19 reappears in our community.

2.There are no restrictions on personal movement at Alert Level 1 – The only people who will need to stay away are:
*those required to self-isolate
*individuals who health authorities have asked to stay away while waiting for a test result (most people will be able to go back to school/work while waiting for a result)
*children, students and staff who are unwell.

3.Testing remains a crucial component in preventing an outbreak. If a child or staff member is sick, they should stay home. If they have cold or flu symptoms they should call their doctor or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice about getting tested.

4.Schools will close for cleaning and contact tracing if there is a confirmed case who was infectious when at school.

5.Schools must continue to support contact tracing through the display of QR Code posters and a visitor register. If a new case does appear in your community, contact tracing processes will support the speedy identification of close contacts of the confirmed case. We encourage our school community to check-in using the NZ COVID Tracer app including when they are doing pick ups and drop offs.

6.There are no restrictions on numbers at gatherings. Physical activities including cultural and sporting activities, practices and events can go ahead.

7.Fundamental public health measures continue to apply:
*Hand hygiene
*Cough and sneeze etiquette
*Regularly cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces.

Welcome to Skyler in Ruma Toru, Room 3 the Believers – we wish you and your family many happy school days.



It is Mental Health Awareness Week and New Zealand Sign Language Week.  It is  also New Zealand Chinese Language Week – you can find resources, events and news here.

Religious Education

Gospel: Matthew 20:1-16

“The Kingdom of heaven is like this. Once there was a man who went out early in the morning to hire some men to work in his vineyard. He agreed to pay them the regular wage, a silver coin a day, and sent them to work in his vineyard. He went out again to the market place at nine o’clock and saw some men standing there doing nothing, so he told them, ‘You also go and work in the vineyard, and I will pay you a fair wage.’ So they went. Then at twelve o’clock and again at three o’clock he did the same thing. It was nearly five o’clock when he went to the market place and saw some other men still standing there. ‘Why are you wasting the whole day here doing nothing?’ he asked them. ‘No one hired us,’ they answered. ‘Well, then, you also go and work in the vineyard,’ he told them.

 “When evening came, the owner told his foreman, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wages, starting with those who were hired last and ending with those who were hired first.’ The men who had begun to work at five o’clock were paid a silver coin each. So when the men who were the first to be hired came to be paid, they thought they would get more; but they too were given a silver coin each. They took their money and started grumbling against the employer. ‘These men who were hired last worked only one hour,’ they said, ‘while we put up with a whole day’s work in the hot sun—yet you paid them the same as you paid us!’

‘Listen, friend,’ the owner answered one of them, ‘I have not cheated you. After all, you agreed to do a day’s work for one silver coin. Now take your pay and go home. I want to give this man who was hired last as much as I have given you. Don’t I have the right to do as I wish with my own money? Or are you jealous because I am generous?’ And Jesus concluded, “So those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last.

Gospel reflection: What do you remember from today’s reading?

 A landowner went out to hire some workers for his vineyard. He took on new workers at the start of the day and three more times later in the day. He promised them all a fair wage.The workers who arrived first expected to be paid more than the workers who arrived near to the end of the day. After all, they were hot and tired and had worked very hard all day, while some of the others have only worked for one hour.

 How did the workers who had been hired first feel when they saw that everyone was being paid the same wage? They thought it was unfair. They were angry and complained. The landowner says that he has paid the first workers exactly what they agreed was fair at the beginning of the day. He says that they have no reason to be cross, that he is generous to the other workers, that he can do what he likes with his own money.  

 Jesus is showing us that God’s idea of fairness (sometimes we use the word justice), is different from ours.
God gives us what we need and not just what others think we deserve. God is generous and created a world with enough for absolutely everyone.
But do you think everyone in our world does have enough food and water?  
How can we help make sure that all people get their fair share of the good things that God has given us?

We can try hard not to take more than we need and make sure we don’t waste food, water or energy.
We can be generous with what we have, like the landowner in the story, sharing what we have with others.
And we can try to make a change to our world so that it is a fairer place for all people to live. Sometimes we can make a difference by ourselves. And sometimes we do this by writing to the Prime Minister or other people in power asking them to make the changes.

We pray for world leaders: that they may do all they can to make the world a fairer place and make sure that all people have their fair share. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for our sisters and brothers around the world, especially those who are poor: that every single person may have what they need to live. Lord, in your mercy…

We pray for our parish, family and friends: that we may be generous and fair to all people in our one global family. Lord, in your mercy…

School Notices

House Points 
Pompallier: 129
McAuley: 165
Ongley: 181
Bernadette: 170
Vincent: 164
Francis: 181
Congratulations to Ongley

Mercy Awards

Discoverers One 
Khyrie for showing our Mercy value of Hospitality by his positive and helpful attitude when we moved classrooms last week.

Discoverers Two 
Kaiden for showing the Mercy value of Excellence when striving to do his best at writing and maths learning time.

Mason always shows the Mercy value of Compassion, by saying, kind and thoughtful words to people in the school.
AJ for showing the Mercy value of Service, by learning how to charge and lock up the ipads and chromebooks at the end of the school day.

Luke for his Mercy Value of Excellence. He works hard and has made great progress, especially in maths.
Nirai for his Mercy Value of Compassion. He was a great buddy when we had the Discoverers in our class last week.

Mahi Tahi
Gwen for her Mercy Value of Excellence  in Mahi Tahi. She diligently gets on with her work and tries hard in all she does.
Emily for her Mercy Value of Service  in Mahi Tahi. For actively looking for ways to be helpful. Ka pai.

Joseph for demonstrating the Mercy Value of Excellence through coding a working helicopter with Lego Wedo.
Fleur for demonstrating the Mercy Value of Hospitality by looking after our friends from Discoverers when they visited  last week.

Thank you  to Jessica  and Mark  for all your support last week with shifting the junior rooms. To all our tamariki and staff – KA PAI on all that team work!!!

Planning Classrooms
We are looking ahead to 2021 and class placements. Please let us know if you have any little ones at home that would be starting school in 2021 so that we can factor that in.

Drink Bottles at School
As we are not using our school drinking fountain can you please make sure that your child has a named drink bottle full of water. We are having to help a number of children at the moment asking for a bottle so we would appreciate your help with this.

A reminder to get that summer uniform ready for Term 4.  After Labour Weekend all children should be in their summer uniform. A reminder that sunhats are needed for Term 4.

A reminder that hair is to remain natural while at Our Lady of Lourdes School. We also ask that if  it is longer than neck length, please put hair up.

One simple stud or sleeper to be worn as earrings.

Weetbix Tryathlon – OLOL School
We have loaded our school as a group for next year. Parents will need to register their children for this event.

Please help our school 
With us being busy managing the Covid situation we put this internal review on hold. Please take a moment to fill in the following  link – (anonymous) we will analyse the information and see where to head to next.

From the Classrooms

Discoverers – Ms Brown & Mrs O’Connor,  Ruma 1 & Ruma 2
Discoverers are back together in the hall and so we will be spending our final week of the term settling in to new routines and getting to know our way around our new environment. Together  we are going to create a new class treaty for working and discovering together. We are all looking forward to some rest and relaxation after a very busy working term. Believers – Mrs Pedley, Ruma 3 
We have enjoyed our first week in our new classroom and learnt some new Kapa Haka songs during Maori Language week.  Thank you to Whaea Frayne . 
We are the official Little Garden Leagues and have created codes out of fruit and vegetables.  Can you break the codes outside our classroom window?  To help recognise us, we will be wearing our badges with pride. 
Have a wonderful and safe school holiday!

Aroha – Miss Penman, Ruma 6
We are wrapping up our inquiry into the water cycle and rivers with presentations about how as kaitiaki (guardians) we can protect our local awa (river). What a great term we have had in Aroha class!

Mahi Tahi – Mrs Moor, Ruma 7  
It has been a very busy term and Mahi Tahi have all worked very hard. I hope you all enjoyed learning our new kupu everyday during Māori language week.
We will be finishing up our water cycle inquiry by creating a Canva presentation on the Manawatū River, which we will then present to the class.

Chiefs – Mr Anderson, Ruma 8 
It’s a busy week in Chiefs/Rangitaira this week with the finishing off of  iTime and inquiry tasks as well as presenting these to our fans. Some of our children will also be involved in a debate. Add to this football, rugby, netball, OLOL’s Got Talent, an RE assessment and fractions!! As you can see we’re putting in the mahi, so it’s going to be a well earned holiday coming up!!!


Table Tennis
Congratulations to Lio and Tyler for winning their table tennis league last week. Also well done to Chloe and Sadella for showing great team work and improving their sweet skills.

OLOL 8 vs St. James 2 Champions League Semi-Final 
Well done, tino pai to our football team for their tremendous 8 – 2 victory over a spirited St. James team last Tuesday afternoon. St. James opened the scoring after a defensive mix up, but Our Lady of Lourdes struck back with venom – goals to Cooper (5!!!), Danny, Solomon and Joseph. The team played extremely well. Player of the day – Cooper for his outstanding performance of 5 goals.


Term 3 Dates

Week 10 – Sept 21-25
Wed  23 – Inter-school soccer tournament –  Mr Anderson will travel with the team leaving school at 11.45am
Thurs 24 – Ripper Rugby/ Netball – St Joseph’s/St Mary’s arriving after 9am – will conclude around 11am. St Peters are supporting us during the morning. We will meet in Room 2 for karakia. Please sign in at the office so we can track and trace everyone.
Fri 25 –  *Mufti Day – Gold coin donation for St Vincent de Paul
                  *Our Term 3 Assembly @ 9.15am in Room 2 – winter sports prizegiving, Mercy                         certificates for the term, StepsWeb awards.
                   *OLOL Has Talent from 2pm
                   *Last day of term

Term 4 Dates

Monday October 12th – Term 4 begins
Friday October 23rdTeacher Only Day – the Friday prior to Labour Weekend
Monday October 26thLABOUR DAY – school closed
Tuesday December 15th – Final day of the year at 12.30pm


Term 1: Wednesday 3rd February 

Ngā wakapainga (Blessings), Our Lady of Lourdes staff and whānau


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