Term 4 Week 5  2020

Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa, Bula vinaka, Namaste

We are fast moving through the term and working on our end of year assessments and data as well as classroom placements. We are incredibly fortunate that we have a stable staff with all of the teachers here for 2021. We will start the year off with the six classrooms. The approximate makeup of the classes will be:

Year 6: Mr Anderson

Year 4 and 5 Pod: Mrs Moor and Miss Penman

Year 3: Mrs Pedley

Year 1 and 2 Pod: Mrs O’Connor, Miss Brown with Mrs Cheetham (part time)

 Our wonderful Mrs Davis will continue to work as our part time teacher.


Religious Education

This week’s Gospel: Matthew 25:14-30

Generous God, we give you thanks for the gifts and talents that you have given us. Help us to make the best use of them that we can and to serve you in all that we do. Amen.

Gospel reflection:

Jesus tells another parable. This time a man is about to go abroad and so he calls his servants to him and gives them each something to look after. He gives the first servant 5,000 gold coins. He gives the second servant 2,000 gold coins. And the final servant 1,000 gold coins. What did the servants do with the money they had been given?The first one used the 5,000 coins he had been given and made 5,000 more. So he gave the master back 10,000 coins all together. The second one used the 2,000 coins he had been given and made 2,000 more, giving the master back 4,000 coins all together. The final servant hid his 1,000 coins in the ground. When his master came back he dug the money up and returned it to him.  In some versions of the story instead of talking about gold coins, it uses the word “talents”. A talent was a word for money in Jesus’ time. This story is sometimes known as the “Parable of the talents”.

Jesus is telling us that it is important to use the gifts that God has given us. We are all good at different things. We all have different skills and talents.  Whatever your talent is, Jesus is saying that it is important not to hide our talents from others – to just keep them to ourselves and never let them grow. Instead, it is by going out into the world, by sharing our talents and using our skills to help others that we serve God.  How will you use your gifts, skills or talents to serve God in the coming week?

House Points

Pompallier: 161
McAuley: 235
Ongley: 151
Bernadette: 145
Vincent: 149
Francis: 235
Congratulations to Francis & McAuley

Mercy Awards

Discoverers One 
Amelia P for showing her Mercy Value of Excellence especially in story writing and her study on birds during Discovery time.

Discoverers Two 
Annika for showing her Mercy Value of Hospitality through her kind and friendly attitude towards others.

 for the Mercy value of Excellence in his learning.  Hugo had made pleasing progress in his reading and writing.
Max for the Mercy value of Respect.  He always shows respect by listening and following instructions when learning at a workshop.

Lizzie for her Mercy Value of Respect. She is a thoughtful class member who is always willing to help others.

Mahi Tahi
for her Mercy Value of Respect  in Mahi Tahi. For making good choices for her learning and the kind and considerate way she treats everyone.

for demonstrating the Mercy Value of Service through using common sense and looking for ways to be helpful.

School Notices

Congratulations to those who made their First Reconciliation
e continue to keep you and your families in our prayers

to our wonderful tamariki who are doing so well in their learning the Mercy way. Our school wide focus on STEPS WEB is certainly engaging our learners with learning the structure of language. Congratulations to our SELF DIRECTED learners in Room 8 and to our Mercy award winners – we are truly blessed by your attitude as you “LIVE, LEARN, LOVE the MERCY way.

School Christmas Picnic Concert
Thursday 3rd December 5.30 – 7.30pm. This is an invitation to all families/whānau to join us for an evening of kai and songs.  You are also invited to perform as a family and/or cultural group, one christmas song or hymn.  If you are performing please contact the school office so that we can add you to our programme.  Save this date on your calendar for a fun filled christmas themed night! Don’t forget to dress up in your christmas costumes and bring a picnic dinner or takeaway food.

Reporting at the end of the Year
This year we will use the SEESAW platform for your child’s end of year report. This will be available on two levels – in the digital form as well as a paper based report for you. We will share further information with you as we near the reporting time.

From the Classrooms

Discoverers – Ms Brown, Mrs O’Connor & Mrs Cheetham,   Ruma 1 & Ruma 2
We had a visit last week from the firefighters who helped us learn about being Firewise and we got to have a look inside the fire engine. We also began to learn about how to keep ourselves safe and thank you to whanau at home who have been following up on our class lessons by helping to complete the worksheets and engaging in discussion with your tamariki around this learning. We also started learning tennis skills with Coach Karen which was a lot of fun! Thank you Coach Karen.

Believers – Mrs Pedley, Ruma 3 
We have been enjoying learning about how to keep ourselves safe.  We have learnt how to show that they are confident people e.g. by smiling and walking tall and recognising situations when we feel safe or not safe.  Thank you to coach Karen for our first tennis lesson, already Believers are showing many great skills that will set them up for success.

Aroha – Miss Penman, Ruma 6
Aroha have enjoyed using technology to inspire some writing and art. After exploring a shipwreck on Minecraft: Education, we have written some great descriptions and completed some artwork on display in the classroom.This week we are wrapping up our cricket unit and getting into some tennis with Coach Karen! We will also be starting time in maths and developing some public speaking skills, writing our own speeches to present to the class.

Mahi Tahi – Mrs Moor, Ruma 7
Mahi Tahi have been enjoying the warmer weather and being able to get outside more regularly. We are working on our small ball skills, particularly catching and passing. We also loved Coach Karen coming in on Thursdays to teach us tennis skills.

Chiefs – Mr Anderson, Ruma 8 
Chiefs have begun preparations for our speech presentations next week. We will have the rest of the week in class to write and practice our speeches. It would be good if your child could practice at home too if possible, as this would help with their confidence in front of an audience next week.


Summer Football: OLOL Saints vs Noorband. Pitch 11@ 5pm. Good luck to the team!

Summer Hockey: Good luck to our two teams – we are so proud of you for the way you have played.

Touch Rugby: To our wonderful teams who play this Friday we wish you well.

All the best to our Vex Robotics team for this Saturday.

Term 4 Dates

  WEEK 5 Nov 9-13
Mon 9Mercy Values Liturgy @ 9am, certificates
Wed 11 School Photos – make sure you look fabulous on this day.
BOT Meeting @ 6pm
Sat 14Vex Robotics
Sun 15Sacrament programme – final preparation for First Holy Communion
  WEEK 6 Nov 16-20
Mon 16NYLD Leadership day for Year 6 leaders
Sat 21First Holy Communion practice @ 2pm
Sun 22 First Holy Communion Celebrations /Christ the King. Please come along to support our tamariki at Sunday Mass @ 9.30am.
  WEEK 7 Nov 23-27
Mon 23Liturgy – Advent Week 1
  WEEK 8 Nov 30- Dec 4
Mon 30Liturgy – Advent Week 2.
Road Patrol Training
  WEEK 9 Dec 7- 11
Mon 7Liturgy – Advent Week 3
Wed 9 BOT Meeting @ 6pm
  WEEK 9 Dec 14- 15
Mon 14Thanksgiving Liturgy.
Whānau House fun day.
Graduation Mass @ 7pm for our Year 6 tamariki
Tues 15 Final Assembly from 11am – SCHOOL CLOSES FOR THE YEAR @ 12.30pm


Term 1: Wednesday 3rd February 

Ngā wakapainga (Blessings), Our Lady of Lourdes staff and whānau

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