Term 4 Week 7  2020

Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa, Bula vinaka, Namaste

First Communion Celebrations

Wow what a celebration was had on Sunday with children from our parish, including Andrick, Cody, CJ, Flynn, Hugo, Lizzie, Mikaela, Tyler from school. We were all so proud of you and the wonderful way in which you lived and loved with your Mercy values.
Thank you to

Fr Joe, for your amazing pastoral leadership and knowledge

Kate for her precious time and preparation of the celebration

Jessica for the delicious cake 

Ms Brown and the teachers who shared their time, gifts and talents.

our amazing tamariki and their whanau – to Holly and Brianna for your amazing reading.

our Tokelauan community – WOW!!! What a gift your music was to us all.

our parish community – what a blessing you are to us all.

Mercy Awards

Discoverers One 
Maddi for showing her Mercy Value of Service by being a wonderful role model in Discoverers.

Discoverers Two 
Harlow for showing her Mercy Value of Excellence through her unending enthusiasm for learning.

for the Mercy Value of Compassion.  She looks after her friends when they are feeling sad.

Petra for her Mercy Value of Excellence. She has been working hard on her speech writing and spent a lot of time practising before presenting it to the class.

Mahi Tahi
for her Mercy Value of Excellence  in Mahi Tahi. She has settled in well and is working hard

for demonstrating the Mercy Value of Excellence through presenting a speech using confidence gestures and humour. Sammy for demonstrating the Mercy Value of Excellence through presenting a speech that had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

School Notices

School Christmas Picnic Concert
Thursday 3rd December 5.30 – 7.30pm. This is an invitation to all families/whānau to join us for an evening of kai and songs.  You are also invited to perform as a family and/or cultural group, one Christmas song or hymn.  If you are performing please contact the school office so that we can add you to our programme.  Save this date on your calendar for a fun filled Christmas themed night! Don’t forget to dress up in your Christmas costumes and bring a picnic dinner or takeaway food.

Reporting at the end of the Year
The end of year report will be available on Friday December 11th – both in paper form as well as digitally via the Seesaw App. With the report, there will be your child’s stationary list for your child’s class in 2021.

New Digital Platform for next year
we are aiming to have developed a new platform that will  link our current School App, our school Facebook page to a school calendar as we redevelop our school webpage. Our newsletter will be digital based next year with paper based versions of the newsletter available for those who require it from the office. 

Pope Francis asks us all to care for the world and its resources in his letter to us all – Laudato Si.

Caretaker/Groundsperson Vacancy
Our wonderful Mr David Ravenhill is resigning from the end of this year. We wish to acknowledge the wonderful work that David does in and around our school. The position will start at the beginning of Term 1, 2021. If you know of anyone who may be interested in two hours per day, completing minor maintenance works and keeping our grounds in check then please get them to contact us here at school for the application pack.

Scholastic Book orders
Last day is Friday 27th November.

From the Classrooms

Discoverers – Ms Brown, Mrs O’Connor & Mrs Cheetham,   Ruma 1 & Ruma 2
Discoverers are now preparing for the season of Advent, the time to get ready for the birth of Jesus and we are practising our song for the Christmas concert which is happening next week. We are planting out our plants in our school garden and hoping for some tasty vegetable treats before school finishes.

Believers – Mrs Pedley, Ruma 3 
Last week we enjoyed showing  Kindness  by creating Thank you and Congratulations cards and writing special messages  inside.   We hope the people loved  receiving these cards, made with Compassion.  During Maths we focused on Basic Facts and enjoyed marking our own learning.

Aroha – Miss Penman, Ruma 6
In Aroha class we are starting to practise with Mahi Tahi for the Christmas Picnic Concert! We are really excited to perform.We are also continuing our performing arts learning and practising plays in class, to perform to each other. Keep an eye out on Seesaw for these masterpieces.

Mahi Tahi – Mrs Moor, Ruma 7
To continue on from our speeches we will be practising and performing plays. We will be honing our performing skills,  voice projection and intonation, audience awareness and confidence. We are also looking and writing different types of poetry. 

Chiefs – Mr Anderson, Ruma 8 
The Chiefs did a fantastic job of their speeches last week. All the children were well prepared, had interesting topics and spoke confidently with a great posture. Many used gestures and expressions to add to their performances. We are continuing our performance based theme by working on our item for the Christmas performance next week. If the children could wear something that’s in the spirit of Christmas for the show that would be great thanks.

2020 Annual Priorities

D1: StewardshipGoal: Work with  the Parish, Diocese and our school community as we update our school property.  Explicit analysis of our school wide data. Targets: Property upgrade work underway, including the junior block, the swimming pool and playground.  Explicit conversations with BOT on school wide data and analysis.
D2: Leadership for Equity and ExcellenceGoal: Collaboratively pursue the perspectives and aspirations of all as part of the development of the school’s vision, values, strategic direction, goals and priorities. Targets: Consolidated Charism, Mission, Vision implicit in a revamped Behaviour Management expectations aligned with PB4L, aligned to our Key Competencies and 2030 Local Curriculum
D3: Educationally Powerful LearningGoal:  Community collaborations enrich opportunities for students to become confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.  Targets: Strengthen reciprocal learning relationships and develop the staff’s understanding and capability in forming cultural relationships for responsive pedagogy.  Create digital platforms for our whānau and community to interact with school and student/ākonga learning.
D4: Responsive CurriculumGoal:  Provide an educationally responsive localised curriculum that recognises the unique contexts for learning in our community. Targets:  WRITING: Year 6 studeationally responsive localised curriculum that recognises the unique contexts for learning in our community. Targets:  WRITING: Year 6 student/ākonga – WST Inquiry into this               READING Year 0-2 Linked to Play Based learning  MATHS: Year 3-5 student/ākonga, especially our Priority learners                      Digital Technology: Assessment criteria to use in reporting – mandated in 2020
D5: Professional capability & Collective capacityGoal: Access to relevant expertise builds capability for ongoing improvement and innovation. 
Targets: To have completed appraisal documents for all staff for effective practice throughout the school. 
Develop a collaborative Distributed Leadership pattern in the school reflecting our Catholic character
Well Being/HauraGoal: To promote the health and wellbeing of all our students.
Targets: Year 2-6 students/ākonga and their families as we introduce Well-being and Resilience programmes – linked TO LIVE, LOVE, LEARN the MERCY WAY

End of Year Data
What a year it has been this year – and one we can be very proud of. We have continued to refine our programmes and practice to meet the new expectations of the Ministry, our children and you as our community. We have used a range of platforms to engage our children/tamariki so they have every chance of making the necessary progress in all 8 areas of the curricula. At the end of the year we analyse data gathered and this helps form the basis for our Annual Plan and focus areas for next year.

Responsive Curriculum Schoolwide Data/Analysis for 2020
here are many variables to our data. One of which is a range of assessment tasks the children undertake prior to teachers making an Overall Teacher Judgement (OTJ) for your child’s end of year assessment. Every child has their own gifts and talents given by God and are supported by you, the family and the school. We know this year has had an effect on our results but we have fared very well. Our children/tamariki are kind, have grown in resiliency and are hard working. Attendance and being on time every day counts and we thank you for your support with this. This data shows our children/tamariki after one year of school. We closely track all our children new to school.


83.3 % of tamariki are achieving AT or ABOVE

MĀORI:  91% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE     

PASIFIKA: 61.5 % of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

ASIAN: 88.5% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

EUROPEAN/PAKEHA: 89% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

MALES:79%  of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE        

FEMALES:87.5% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE


78 % of tamariki are achieving AT or ABOVE

MĀORI:  75% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE      

PASIFIKA: 69 % of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

ASIAN: 88% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

EUROPEAN/PAKEHA: 78% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

MALES:71%  of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE      

FEMALES:84% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE


82.5 % of tamariki are achieving AT or ABOVE

MĀORI:  67% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE      

PASIFIKA: 77 % of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

ASIAN: 92% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

EUROPEAN/PAKEHA: 84% of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE

MALES:79%  of tamariki are achieving AT OR ABOVE        FEMALES:86% of tamariki are achieving AT or ABOVE

Term 4 Dates

  WEEK 7 Nov 23-27
Mon 23Liturgy – Advent Week 1
Thur 26Tennis with Coach Karen
  WEEK 8 Nov 30- Dec 4
Mon 30Liturgy – Advent Week 2.
Road Patrol Training
  WEEK 9 Dec 7- 11
Mon 7Liturgy – Advent Week 3
Wed 9 BOT Meeting @ 6pm
  WEEK 10 Dec 14- 15
Mon 14Thanksgiving Liturgy.
Whānau House fun day.
Graduation Mass @ 7pm for our Year 6 tamariki
Tues 15 Final Assembly from 11am – SCHOOL CLOSES FOR THE YEAR @ 12.30pm


Term 1: Wednesday 3rd February – Friday 16th April –Waitangi Day (observed) – Monday 8 February and Easter: Good Friday – 2 April, Easter Monday – 5 April, Easter Tuesday – 6 April (a school holiday)

Term 2: Monday 3rd May – Friday 9th July 

Term 3: 26 July – 10 October

 Term 4: 18 October -14 December

Ngā wakapainga (Blessings), Our Lady of Lourdes staff and whānau

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