Our Vision



where we provide our students with the skills and motivation for lifelong learning in a nurturing, Catholic environment.


Live  by  the  Gospel values                                                

  • by fostering the experience of prayer and liturgy
  • by valuing the identity of our school as Catholic
  • by showing & growing our virtues everyday
  • by the use of the school wide ‘Virtues Path to Positive Behaviour’ plan
  • by showing kindness, respect, consideration and caring for self, others and the environment.
  • by celebrating and embracing our cultural diversity
  • By providing a supportive, inclusive, enriching learning environment  which allows for cooperative and individual learning.


Become  powerful  learners  and achieve personal excellence                  

  • there is a sense of success and success is celebrated
  • Teacher/student/peer conversations that enable students to reflect on their learning
  • by providing opportunities to demonstrate and be actively involved in their learning
  • through Formative practice
  • teachers providing engaging learning experiences
  • learning is centred in meaningful experiences with a wide range of challenging content

Be  Confident, Creative,  Life-long  Learners                          

  • through the use of technology to enhance learning
  • by being flexible and resilient when faced with change in our world or daily life.
  • by being critical and creative thinkers
  • learning is valued as a partnership between home, school and the wider community

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