Mission, Charism AND Vision

Catherine McAuley designed the original Mercy Cross herself -a dark background with a white cross in the middle. The Mercy Cross that we see today still has a white cross in the middle of a dark coloured cross. Catherine chose the cross to be the symbol of the Sisters of Mercy because of her deep love for the crucified Jesus.

You may have noticed that the Cross does not actually have the crucified Jesus on the Cross. This is because Catherine believed that each Sister of Mercy places herself on the Cross to be like Jesus.

Palmerston North
In 1894, a group of Sisters of Mercy from Wellington were invited to take charge of the Catholic school in Palmerston North. Sister Mechtilde, Sister Aloysius, Sister Stanislaus and Sister Cecila Benbow moved to Palmerston North and set up a Branch House. This began many years of work by the Sisters of Mercy with the Manawatu community.
They taught in a number of schools, sharing with the children their deep love for God.
The Mercy schools which still remain open:
St Matthew’s School, Marton
St Mary’s School
Our Lady of Lourdes School
St James’ School
St Peter’s College

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